Merino Wool Throw Rugs

Lovesac Australia is proud to introduce high quality Merino wool throw rugs into its range of accessories.

We're always searching for high quality products to compliment the unique and distinct feel of a Lovesac, and we discovered Waverley Mills who produce limited edition, Australian made natural fibre throw rugs.

Based in Tasmania, Waverley Mills is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes, using natural fibres which are biodegradable and recyclable. Their attention to detail regarding quality and comfort has been established over a 142 year period, and each item forms part of a limited number of specially made rugs (for companies like us).

The rugs are of the highest quality you will find anywhere in the world, coming with a lifetime warranty*.  They can be used as a furnishing, a snug rug to curl up under while watching a movie on your Supersac, or just as something to admire in your home.

The secret to their softness and comfort is in the microns. A micron is a measurement of the mean fibre diameter. As a general rule, lower micron measurements mean softer woven fabrics, higher comfort levels, and therefore better quality. The introduction of the rugs into our range has been some time in the making, but well worth the wait.

For more information on the rugs, feel free to browse through our product pages here on our website, or contact a staff member at the showroom on (02) 9380 4904, or email

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