Durability & Safety

  • Lovesac Australia foam filled inserts come with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY.  Your Sac Insert will never go completely flat or need refilling for ten years - guaranteed.
  • The cover has a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on all zips, seams and stitches against manufacturing defects. 

The covers are very strong.  They are over-locked and then double-stitched.  The covers have a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on the zips, seams and stitching for all workmanship and manufacturing defects.  If the seams split or zipper fails under normal use, we will replace or fix the cover for free (subject to inspection and guidelines listed in our Terms & Conditions). Unless you were to jump on them with a sharp implement, the panels are unlikely to tear.   If you jump on, misuse, or mistreat your Sac this amazing warranty is immediately void.  We are able to tell if the Sac have been placed under excessive duress upon inspection.

If there is a defect in the colour, abrasion, or marking on the paneling we must be informed within 7 days from the date of purchase.  These cases are extremely rare given that all covers are hand made, and thoroughly inspected before they’re considered suitable for sale.  In the event that a fault has been inspected and verified, we will replace the cover immediately.  Lovesac Australia does not guarantee against general wear and tear.  Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

The short answer is yes.   Though the products are extremely tough, everyone must understand that the Sacs are not designed to be jumped on.  They are not made with springs and Kevlar® thread.  If you’re worrying about how durable the Sacs are for kids; there is no similar product more durable.

The product will continue to support you and your family well into the future, beyond the warrantable period.  Nothing will change, except the Warranty will have expired.  If you prefer your Sac to have a guarantee, please call the store to purchase a new Insert.  We will happily look after you as a returned customer.

Lovesac Australia Durafoam™ is hypoallergenic, bacteria and moisture resistant, UV stabilized, and treated with a flame retardant.  It is not imported.  It is sourced within Australia, made by premium foam companies within Australia and conforms with ACCC guidelines and Australian Safety Standards.  Most importantly our Inserts come with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY; will never go completely flat or need refilling for ten years - guaranteed.

Yes.  Lovesac Australia complies with ACCC guidelines. Our products are made by strictly adhering to Australian Safety Standards.