Choosing A Lovesac

Use the dimensions provided on each product page to measure a square space on the floor (or use a piece of string to map the outline of the Lovesac) and see if that meets your requirements.  Ultimately the amount of space you have will dictate the size that will best suit your room.  

The Lovesacs are actually a little smaller than our guidelines.  We have taken into consideration foot-room at the front of the item and that the Lovesac will slightly expand under compression.    If you have a lot of other furniture items in the room - choose carefully - because if the Lovesac is too large it can make the room look smaller and overcrowded.  Ideally you don't want the Lovesac to obscure pathways in or out of the room.  And you don't want it pressed up against anything.  As with the various recommendations below, this is simply a guide.  Ultimately space dictates much of the decision process.

Kidsacs would be suitable for them to sit in.  However, because the foam is quite dense and children don’t weigh much at early ages, the Kidsac will need an adult to make a groove in it first.  If you’re worried that they might be a bit too high off of the ground, you consider the Pillowsac because you can lay it flat like a giant pillow on the floor and if needed stand it on end alternatively.  Flattened out they can crawl on and off easily, and on when stood on its end, it can seat an adult with a child on the lap comfortably.

That depends on how old they are. If you want something for your children to read their books or play their games on, then we wouldn’t suggest anything bigger than a Pillowsac.  If your child has an exceptionally large room, and they occasionally share it with their siblings to play then a Moviesac would take up less surface area than two single seaters side by side.

A Moviesac is probably as large as you could go.  Again this depends on your space.  If you’re going for a minimal look - Lovesac + throw + book shelf + coffee table + floor rug - the room will look great.   Though if you have the space, some symmetry might be nice by mirroring two Pillowsacs, or Playersacs.

If you have a lounge already in the room, the first thing you have to do is work out what size Lovesac will suit best.   You don’t want something too large that creates an ‘eye-saw’ in your living room, or over-crowds the space.  Secondly you have to decide if you’re going to put the Lovesac beside your lounge, or in front of it. What will take prime position in front of the TV or fireplace?  Will the Lovesac sit to the side and be dragged forward for ‘Game-time’ or ‘Movie-time’?  If it’s going to sit permanently in front of lounge seating then beware choosing anything larger than a Moviesac for height reasons.

If on the other hand you want to replace your lounge with a Lovesac then having a Supersac (equivalent of a 2 seater lounge) or a BigOne (equivalent of a 2.5 - 3 seater lounge) would be perfect.  It creates a great low-key vibe which is great for hosting friends, and curling up of an evening with your favourite show.

A Supersac or BigOne is excellent for this kind of space.  You can approach the Lovesac from whatever angle you want and simply enjoy the freedom of superior comfort.  If you have the space, why not put a couple in there.  If it’s for the whole family to enjoy - then perhaps a scattering of sizes.  Rumpus rooms, in our opinion, should be void of rules and the formality often associated with other parts of the home.

There are two options here:

If you want a room full of Lovesacs:

  • If the room is wider than deep: try two Moviesacs, or two Supersacs, or two BigOnes - side by side.

  • If the room is deeper than wide: try a BigOne at the back and perhaps a Moviesac or two in front of that. If you feel the Moviesacs might obstruct the view, or look a little clunky, perhaps try two Pillowsacs  or Gamesacs and angle them in from either side in front of the BigOne.

  • If the room is quite a large square:  You could choose two BigOnes or Supersacs at the rear, and two Moviesacs in front of them.  Or, perhaps run with four Moviesacs.   Or two Moviesacs and two Pillowsacs.

If you want a mixture of lounges and Lovesacs:

  • If the room is wider than deep:  Put your lounge at the rear and try two Kidsacs, Playersacs.  You could also try two Gamesacs or Pillowsacs on each side; however because they make the person sit higher, you don’t want your view obstructed.

  • If the room is deeper than wide: Put your lounge at the rear and try two Kidsacs, Playersacs, or even laying a Pillowsac down flat in front.

  • If the room is quite a large square: Have a lounge at the rear.  Two armchairs on either side, and a Supersac or Moviesac in the centre.  Or lounge at the rear, and two Supersacs or Moviesacs in front.  Or Lounge at the rear, two Pillowsacs, Moviesacs at the sides and a Supersac in the middle.

The key with either scenario is to create a sense of space akin to that which you’ll find at Premiere cinemas screenings.  We believe a tiered seating system with an unobstructed view from all angles is best, inclusive of clear pathways throughout the room.

Nothing larger than a Moviesac.  That said, we still think that a Pillowsac or Playersac would suit a room better because of most standard room sizes.

Don’t underestimate a Lovesac for your staff to relax in during their breaks.  For an office corner or green room two Moviesacs work well.  They create a nice balance and are luxurious single seaters, that can turn into four seats if need be.  For students in schools a Lovesac or two in their break-out rooms is ideal for releasing their daily tensions.  Any number of items are suitable.  We suggest a combination of a Supersac, Moviesac and some single seaters.

Lovesacs work best for console gaming - obviously - because once sat in, they are a little too low for most desks to be optimum for PC gaming.  For active gaming we suggest the Gamesac.  It allows the gamer to be comfortable and supported around the middle of the back whilst actively sitting upright or forward.  If you’re more of a relaxed gamer, and want to recline a little, try the Playersac.   It offers similar support only at a deeper recline.  If you want to be even more horizontal, try the Pillowsac.  You sit lower to the ground, but you have the option to lean further back and be supported a little higher.

The Supersac is the best two seater.  It provides optimum comfort while maintaining an individual's personal space.  However, as it takes up a lot of room, it may be better to look at the Moviesac.  It’s an ultimate single seater, but it’s possible to seat two as well - only in this case it’s a cosier two seater.  Strangers may feel a little uncomfortable at the proximity, but two friends gaming or a couple curled up to watch movies will have no issue.

The Playersac is simply the size up from the Kidsac.  It’s ideal for teens, and smaller adults if you’re looking at the more traditional shape with a little extra support.  The Playersac is the middle ground - a blend of both Gamesac and Pillowsac assets.

The Gamesac is the same size as the Playersac, only it’s in a square shape.  The construction allows the person to sit more upright and forward, like a chair.  The person also sits higher up off the ground.  It is possible to recline on the Gamesac too, however you need to angle it more like a diamond shape, punch in the lower corner and then sit in that groove.  The Gamesac is for more active, upright use.

The Pillowsac is narrower than both the Playersac and Gamesac, however it is longer.  It’s ideal for tucking into corners when not in use.  It is actually a giant rectangular pillow that is placed on its side with one of its corners tucked in.  When sat in, the person will sit lower than the other two, however get more horizontal support.  The Pillowsac is for more of a relaxed vibe.

We don’t take on individual orders from the U.S.  We operate independently.  Similarly, you cannot order from the U.S. directly.  Perhaps try a mail forwarding company to retrieve your goods.

BigOne, Supersac and Moviesac are; the rest of our items are evolutions.

The types of foams used are similar, however, we have our own unique special blend that you can't get anywhere else.