Choosing Accessories

Tubesacs are excellent for propping up your head just that little bit more when you want to completely relax your head and neck.  You can move it around wherever you like and even take it with you as a travel pillow.

This is up to the individual.  Some customers like their head propped up, some do not.  For Playersacs, and Moviesacs in particular the Tubesac adds extra head and neck support.  Some customers feel they want this on the Pillowsac and Supersac as well - though we believe the Pillowsac, Supersac and BigOne are supportive on their own.  That’s not to say that the Playersac or Moviesac aren’t comfortable without one either.  In regards to the Kidsac, it can help prop the head up for kids, but for adults, it’s redundant.

A Minisac is a mini version of our Lovesacs.  It has an inner liner that protects the foam.  They are our soft plushy option for a footrest.  A Cubesac doesn't have an inner liner and is a firm block of foam; though you can still remove and wash the cover.  Cubesacs are firm enough to act as a little side table to hold your favourite drink or snack.  Cubesacs can also be used as secondary seating for those under 50kgs.

It’s always nice to put your feet up and have something take the full weight off of your body.  That said, the Moviesac, Supersac and BigOne are supportive enough under the legs that it’s not essential.  The smaller items can sometimes do with a bit extra.  The choice is an additional luxury for any size.