Choosing Your Sac

Use the dimensions provided on each product page to measure a square space on the floor (or use a piece of string to map the outline of the Sac) and see if that meets your requirements.

The Sacs are actually a little smaller than our guidelines.  We have taken into consideration foot-room at the front of the item and that the Sac will slightly expand under compression.    If you have a lot of other furniture items in the room - choose carefully - because if the Sac is too large it can make the room look small and overcrowded.  Ideally you don't want the Sac to obscure pathways in or out of the room, and you don't want it pressed up against anything.  As with the various recommendations below, this is simply a guide.  Ultimately space dictates much of the decision process.

The Supersac is the best two seater.  It provides optimum comfort while maintaining an individual's personal space.  However, as it takes up a lot of room, it may be better to look at the Moviesac.  It’s an ultimate single seater, but it’s possible to seat two as well - only in this case it’s a cosier two seater.  Strangers may feel a little uncomfortable at the proximity, but two friends gaming or a couple curled up to watch movies will have no issue.

The Playersac is simply the size up from the Kidsac.  It’s ideal for teens, and smaller adults if you’re looking at the more traditional shape with a little extra support.  The Playersac is the middle ground - a blend of both the Gamesac and Pillowsac assets.

The Gamesac is the same size as the Playersac, only it’s in a square shape.  The construction allows the person to sit more upright and forward, like a chair.  The person also sits higher up off the ground.  It is possible to recline on the Gamesac too, however you need to angle it more like a diamond shape, punch in the lower corner and then sit in that groove.  The Gamesac is for more active, upright use.

The Pillowsac is narrower than both the Playersac and Gamesac, however it is longer.  It’s ideal for tucking into corners when not in use.  It is actually a giant rectangular pillow that is placed on its side with one of its corners tucked in.  When sat in, the person will sit lower than the other two, however get more horizontal support.  The Pillowsac is for more of a relaxed vibe.

Microsuede is a synthetic suede made to feel authentic.  It is soft and durable.  It is cooler to the touch than Plushsuede.  Microsuede is very tough.  When sitting on a Sac in a Microsuede cover you sink deep into the item as the air billows through the item, moving the foam around you.  Plushsuede is literally a double layered version of Microsuede.  The result is a thicker, wrinkled aesthetic which looks a lot more like a leather.  It feels the same as Microsuede on the skin, that is until you pinch or press into the fabric where it begins to feel softer.  Because it is thicker it has more ‘give’.  Plushsuede is a slightly warmer fabric.  When sitting on a Sac in a Plushsuede cover you're placed more on top of the item as the heavier fabric creates more of an even spread - like a giant day bed.

Yes, they do.  In short - Microsuede allows the person to sit 'in' the Sac more, whereas Plushsuede allows the person to sit 'on' the Sac more.  To elaborate: as Microsuede is thinner, when a person sits down it allows the air to rush through the foam and push the air through the billowing cover.  Plushsuede is heavier so there is less air contained within the item prior to sitting.  Therefore, when a person sits down, the foam doesn't have the same amount of force or room to move; it's more contained.  The result is that Plushsuede can be a slightly firmer seat, and Microsuede can be more of a buoyant seat.  Corduroy on the other hand, provides the sitter with some bounce.  It has a sponge-like quality that allows the sitter to feel buoyant.  All of our covers will envelop you in a luxurious hug.

*Please note that the difference between fabrics are negligible.  Our choices above merely reflect an opinion of our own, which is no more or less valid than yours.  Every day customers choose something else.*

You could choose Plushsuede as it is a thicker fabric, and arguably it could wear better over time.  That said, both covers are equally durable.  By the time it took to wear through the panels of a Microsuede cover would be similar to the amount of wear a Plushsuede cover would have over the same period.

Yes, you can.  You have 14 days to exchange the cover.  It will be inspected for signs of wear and tear.  It must be in a new condition fit for resale.

Yes, you can.  Simply click here.

We operate independently and do not stock their range.  You cannot order from the U.S. directly, either.  We suggest trying a mail-forwarding company to retrieve your goods from overseas.

A Minisac is a mini version of our larger Sacs.  It has an inner liner that protects the foam.  They are our soft plushy option for a footrest.  A Cubesac doesn't have an inner liner and is a firm block of foam; though you can still remove and wash the cover.  Cubesacs are firm enough to act as a little side table to hold your favourite drink or snack.  Cubesacs can also be used as secondary seating for those under 50kgs.

We sometimes have a variety of ‘Tainted Love’ covers and colours available.  TL Covers are near perfect covers that suffer from very small aesthetic (non-structural) flaws. By choosing our ‘Seconds’ stock you accept to purchase in an ‘as is’ condition.  To shop for Tainted Love covers, click here.

    *Please note that you cannot exchange a ‘Tainted Love’ cover with a ‘Good Lovin'’ cover.
      **We don't sell second-hand, damaged or faulty Sac Inserts.

      We don’t take on individual orders from the U.S.  Similarly, you cannot order from the U.S. directly.  Perhaps try a mail forwarding company to retrieve your goods.

      For individuals, no.  However if you are a business or company interested in purchasing multiple items with specific colour and logo requirements please enquire via

      *Please note, there is a minimum order for this kind of arrangement.*