Lovesac Aus Co.

Yes it is.  Guaranteed.  And Australian Made. 

To provide something more than just a product to our customer.  We want you to have the best possible product.  We want you to feel part of the Lovesac Australia family.  We share in community events, and encourage a continuous dialogue with our customers and fans beyond the transaction.

Yes.  We have an excellent presence.  We take the time to understand your needs and your questions. When you communicate with someone online it's a real person who has had first-hand experience working in the store and manufacturing the item.  When you see posts by us that include our product they are the exact items you can try in store and take home.  When you see comments on our social pages by others they are real people.  Some other brands buy Facebook 'likes' (by the thousands overnight) and 'bots' to ensure that their visual presence appears positive.   There are programs out there that are capable or perpetuating 'chatter' and interacting with each other just as you can pay for people overseas to login and post 'likes' and 'shares' or even type something when you have a new post: "Love this", "Gotta have it", "Buying it now", "Do you guys have this in..." "Omg, love!", and so on.  We don't lie about our product.  We don't lie about our service.  We don't lie about our company.

Since 2004.  Earlier than any other brand on the market who claim to be the original. 

We carry the same licencing and patent permits for the distribution of all Lovesac product.  In addition we own the Intellectual and Property rights to sell and manufacture Lovesac and Lovesac Australia products in Australia and New Zealand.  We manufacture our items according to the ACCC guidelines, and use Australian Safety components. By working closely with Customs, we are able to maintain control over counterfeiters seeking to exploit the customers' faith in our brand and concept. Make no mistake, unlike our product, we aren't relaxed when it comes to protecting the brand.

They are made in Emu Plains, NSW, 2750.  They are Australian Made.

Yes, we do.  However, we will only choose the best products and fabric that reflect our premium comfort and durability.  To stay informed of these product simply subscribe to our mailing list located at the bottom right of this page.

Simply subscribe to our mailing list located at the bottom right of this page using your email address for news, offers and 'Sacnanigans.

Possibly!  As we expand, we’ll need more staff.  Please submit what kind of employment you’re seeking via [email protected] and attach your resume.  Or simply pop into the store and introduce yourself and hand us your resume in person.

Too many to list.  We’ve sold to many Gaming Production Companies, Gaming Distributors, Cinemas, Interior Designers, Tv Networks, Universities, Schools, Libraries, Business firms, Banks, Cafes, and so the list goes on.  We’re the best, and they know it, and they expect it.

Yes they can.  *Please note, there is a minimum order for this kind of arrangement.* Please email [email protected] with your request.

Typically no.  Lovesac Australia doesn’t hold a variety of ‘Hire Stock’ on hand.  We have to manufacture for each request specifically, which may or may not be within our capabilities.  If you have an event we suggest contacting us at least three weeks in advance.  If you wish to enquire further, please contact [email protected] with your request.  

*Please note that transporting Lovesacs is expensive.  Once they have been decompressed for use, the cost of re-shrinking them and/or returning the stock to the factory can sometimes be higher than the hire itself (pending size and quantity*

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