'SacVac Pack

Moving to a new home?  Don't leave the love of your life behind!  Our 'SacVac Pack allows you to compress your item into a neat, movable, package with the assistance of your household vacuum cleaner.  Price includes shipping.

Three sizes available:

  • Super
  • Movie
  • Generic (for Kid, Game, Pillow, and Player.)

**Please note**  We do not sell Big One SacVac Packs.  A household vacuum cleaner isn't capable of shrinking an item of this size.

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Duffel Bag
  • 2 x Industrial Strength Plastic Bags (one spare).


  • A powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Having someone else to help you.
  • Placing and holding the nozzle of the vacuum on the item within the plastic.
  • Shaping the item into a cuboid (rectangular shape).
  • Please keep the plastic away from children and/or pets.


  • Household vacuum cleaners aren't as powerful as industrial vacuums.  To compensate, the duffel bag you'll receive will be one size larger than that of the original purchase.  Please don't be concerned if it has another label.
  • The ability to shrink and compress the item into the duffel bag is reliant upon the strength of your vacuum cleaner and your physical capabilities.  We strongly recommend using two people, as this is not an easy exercise.
  • Lovesac Australia does not guarantee that all items can be re-shrunk.
  • * By purchasing a SacVac Pack you exonerate Lovesac Australia of any responsibility, should any damage occur to your items.


How to shrink your sac.